Frequently Asked Questions

filter_1 How can I extract my savefile to use with DoujinSoft?
For DIY Showcase savefiles, it's as easy as copying the save to a SD Card. The data.bin file you will find is compatible with our service. Dolphin saves also work.
For NDS savefiles, consider moving your content to a flashcart, and then using its .sav file.
filter_2 Can I send you .mio files to add to the archive?
Send us the .mio files, and we'll add them if they're interesting enough. (Please no remixed stock microgames, we have too many of those already.)
You can also use our source code to roll out your own DIY archive. The more the merrier!
filter_3 How can I extract .mio files from my save?
Use one of the various save editors available for DIY.
filter_4 Some of your japanese (games/records/comics) have a lot of question marks in their names...
Our name parsing is pretty bad with those magical kanji rune things.
We also have trouble with some of the more esoteric symbols available in DIY, such as 🔟, ➡️, ⬅️, etc.
The names themselves will hovewer be perfectly fine once reinserted into a game save.
filter_5 Some of the (games/records/comics) I made back in 2010 are on this archive and it's hella embarassing!
Can you do something?
If you want a creation removed, email us. It'd be a darn shame though :^(
filter_6 What's your stance on the "risque" games that were made with DIY?
While we removed the more hardcore stuff from the archive, we globally don't care that much. The crazy jap hentai games are a part of the experience, after all.
filter_7 What's the Major Feature(tm)?
Ideally, a reinterpreter for .mio games, allowing them to be played from the browser. We're lacking in reverse-engineering prowess for this, though.
filter_8 Can I have a dump of your database?
sure thing fam