Upload DIY Content

Adding your WarioWare DIY content to DoujinSoft so it can be shared with the world has never been easier!
You can either upload .mio files here directly or use RiiConnect24 with DIY Showcase to send us content.
store I want to use RiiConnect24!
Please make sure you've registered with us in the Cart first!
If you did so, all you have to do is send your content to DoujinSoft's Wii Friend through WarioWare: DIY Showcase's Distribution Center.
Files sent this way will be instantly approved and featured in the RC24 Collections!
You'll also receive a nice thank-you letter as a bonus. 💌
save I want to send you .mio files!
First off, please make sure the files you want to send aren't already in the archive! It makes for extra busywork otherwise.
Drag and drop your .mio files below to get started. Files sent this way will have to be approved manually before landing in the archive.

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